Understanding Hydroxycitric Acid


If you have been looking for an alternate or options to losing weight, then you must have also heard about the benefits of using hydroxicitric acid as part of your diet to losing weight. These may not have been heard a lot before but this is now a popular remedy to losing weight. Here is a brief understanding about hydroxycitric acid.

What is Hydroxycitric acid?

This compound, otherwise known as HCA, is commonly found when extracted from tropical plants. You can find these plants around Southeast Asian countries. Thus, HCA is limited according to the availability of these plants. GarciniaCambogia on the other hand is a very good source for this compound as there is about 10-30% concentration of HCA in its’ dried fruit rind.  This compound has been known today to help reducing weight.

How does it work?

According to available research and studies conducted, HCA has shown that it inhibits the normal process of fat synthesis and in effect reducing a person’s food intake. This process leads to helping a person to lose weight. Today, it has been used for diet pills.

What are the effects?

Hydroxycitric acid is relatively safe as used for diet pills. There has been no known cases that this product has caused any organ failure to those who have taken it. When taking this pill as taking other medications, there are always a lot of other factors that one must look into. Some of them can be current health conditions, age, weight, and even genetic health conditions. There are always a number of risk involve when taking any products may it be pills, supplementation, or medication. It is important to note that you have to consider talking to a doctor and doing all the necessary laboratory works done before trying any product for your body.

There have been many studies conducted and some are continually studying other factors and possible benefits for HCA. While these studies are in the pipeline, any people have also proven the efficacy of the product. There is no harm in trying for as long as you have consulted your doctor about taking these kind of diet supplementation.

It is a hard battle to lose and shed off those fats, but the battle is always worth it. If you still feel unsafe with these options, you can always go back to the basics, that is: the natural methods of losing weight.